At the foot of the bare mattress, Jason’s feet hung out from a striped comforter. His feet kicked left. They kicked right. His eyes darted back and forth beneath his eyelids while the loosely wrapped comforter tossed and turned. It squirmed gently at first before it unraveled and Jason jerked up wide-eyed in a cold sweat with his T-shirt stuck to his upper body.

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First Time Patient

A woman answered the door and invited me into her beautiful home. I often ask the patient if they have ever used a dispensary before, in regard to the first time patient paperwork. Today, it is common that a patient has already filled out something similar for another collective, which makes its explanation simple. This patient seemed nervous and scared when I asked her about her previous dispensary experience.

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Playing Catchup

My days off go so fast. I forgot what that had felt like. My days are split, which is kind of nice, but I hardly see my family at all. I pretty much see them two days a week, and maybe a little after work each night. That part sucks.

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Missing In Action

Three 12 plus hour days on the job and I’m pooped. The days are long, but I love what I’m doing. When I arrive in the morning, and the shop manager lets me in, I’m blasted in the face by a wonderful aroma of cannabis. Many people despise the scent of the flowers, but I […]

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