The Bunny and Beyond

YouTube: Bipolar Easter Bunny Song

The bunny is really a bird yo. Did you know that? I didn’t, not before I read Rob Wantz’s post from My Side of the Laundry Room. Make sure you peep it out.

The word Easter is believed, by some of course, to derive from Eostre, a goddess of Spring and fertility and the celebration of Easter was a pagan festival dedicated to that bad bitch. It was said that she once saved and befriended a bird and after their fallout, she turned the bird into a rabbit who could lay eggs. The rabbit then would have the pleasure of serving children once a year until the end of times.

But some mofos don’t get down with that. It has been noted, by some, that it’s a misinterpretation and an assumption pulled from very little documentation through images, carvings and legends of Eostre. There would be more evidence behind claims of the real history of the psychedelic egg soiree, right? But does it really matter? Some get down with Jesus, and some don’t; to each their own.

So whatever the origins of this springtime myth and celebration really are, with all the interesting customs and beliefs that center around this holiday, I think it’s awesome that we perpetuate the legend of a big-o-magical anthropomorphic humanoid rabbit that breaks in our homes while you’re sleeping, poops colorful eggs everywhere for your children to find, play with and eat in the morning.

How does that not sound amazing?

I love fucking up a bag of them Reese’s Eggs. I merc a few (bags) every year. I got a boner right now thinking about ’em.

Happy Easter.

*goes to the store*

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