Happy Four Twenty


National Stoner Day! Hooray!

I promise this isn’t a weed blog—I swear, but it is four-twenty.

Today’s post isn’t for stoners, most of us know most of this stuff, so this post is for the non-stoners, the wienies, the squares! I kid, I kid.

The happy smoke is a topic discussed more and more these days with states legalizing for controlled recreational use (we’ve yet to see how Forrest Trump and the Hobbit will treat the rec. and med. industry). Despite what you personally feel about the plant and its use, it’s not the Devil’s Lettuce as it has been made out to be.

The notion that minors would be able to get the ganja easier is fake news. Teenage usage has dropped in states that have legalized it. But if they really want that dank, they gone get that dank. When I was younger, it was much harder to get it, but I always found something. It’s always around for someone to find. Legalization will not change that. But it does allow adults to purchase it safely. I’ve had to deal with sketchy people in some sketchy places at times because that was my only option. That shit sucked.

Medically, it’s still breaking new ground, there is no denying its positive applications. It helps patients with an array of diseases and conditions to live better lives. In some instances it even helps patients on a road to recovery, helping get addicts off of pills. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the short videos that have been floating around the Facebook, if not you can check one here. The rate of obesity is 33% lower in potheads and is currently under study as a potential treatment for Type 2 Diabetes.

The Feds recently—finally—removed long self inflated lies presented as facts about the plant. Most of those who are arrested for possession are of lower income households and the majority that are charged are black (which are 330% more likely to be arrested for possession). These nonviolent “criminals” caught with small amounts of weed get tossed to the animals we breed inside the for profit cage we lock them in. A poor kid caught with a blunt has to protect his cornhole and life, from violent beasts he wouldn’t have encountered otherwise. This is his punishment for smoking grass. His life is ruined for living a life style others disagree with. Not cool man.

The chronic is not a gateway drug, that is another lie. The DEA quietly removed the statement from their website, I’m guessing in preparation for the inevitable future. It’s not the reefer madness they’ve tried to sell for decades. In my life, I’ve done other drugs and that mexicali (or stress as we called it) was my first foot in, but I was curious, I tried them because I wanted to experience something, it wasn’t the pot’s fault. The opioid epidemic is proof alone what substances are truly dangerous and deadly. The same products fed to us for profit by—well, that’s a whole other topic for a post on someone else’s blog.

The herbals are not dangerous. They are not necessarily physical healthy to smoke, but no one has ever overdosed or died from consuming THC. None. One would have to smoke 40,000 times the average dose in a short period of time, which is virtually impossible. More people have died in the unusual circumstances on 1,000 Ways to Die, than from the sticky icky (ooh wee! Put it in the air). Under full Federal legalization, cannabis would generat $10+ billion in taxes. Yes, you read that correctly. Think of all the jobs this industry would create.

Weed is not for everyone, I get that, but one’s personal distaste for the plant should be just that, a personal decision, not institute dictation on the society’s personal choices. There are 160+ million use cannabis around the world, branding the plant illegal will never stop people from consuming it. Did not work before, and I’m positive it will never work in the future. Certainly not for this joint toking fool.

Light one up and be happy.

Happy 420!

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