Jive Jargon


We have evolved into a society that needs to put rims on our cars and wear three hundred dollar pairs of headphones as an accessory.

We run red lights like it is nothing, because our trip to the liquor store for cigarettes is more important than the next life we might take in a traffic collision.

Nobody has any money, and yet we walk around like we do in our two hundred dollar sun glasses staring down any individual we come in eye contact with.

We are wound so tight and ready to fight the next human being for next to nothing; if it comes to blows, we are likely to beat you to death—again—for next to nothing.

We waste our money on anything and everything our culture tells us we need in a quest for happiness, and the satisfaction we think we are attaining is merely cosmetic in an attempt to keep up with others.

We are all competing with the next person trying to have better and more, and we will do whatever it takes to have what society tells us we need to be happy. We will sell our very soul to corporate America without even thinking of the consequences.

We are economic slaves, as intended—and we hate each other for it.

We carry on like we don’t exist.

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