Wake’n’Bake Wednesday 03


This morning I’m getting down to some Green Crack rolled up in a nice big cone. I hate its name—Green Crack. It’s a nice sativa that gives good energy along with the high, but I do think that whoever birthed this strain could have came up with a better name than that.

Sometimes, when I should be writing, I’ll catch Law & Order reruns on the WE channel. I have been seeing Peter Popoff‘s Ministries slanging that FREE Miracle Spring Water a lot lately.

peter poopon
Peter Poopmouth

The first time I noticed him, I was like, “Ain’t that the guy who Randi exposed?”

Peter Poopon was proven to be a fraud back in ’86 using wireless communications with his wife and was outed by James Randi on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. If you haven’t seen An Honest Liar on Netflix, then you should pencil it in. Excellent documentary.

Now, this turd sandwich is back at it again (and I guess has been since the late 90s, although I never really noticed him till now), exploiting the religious black community. If you’ve seen his commercials, you understand what I am talking about. It is truly despicable when someone scams people in the name of religion. I can only assume that Poophead Peter probably thinks blacks don’t know anything about him or his past, so he’s targeting them now and the naive get swept away in their faith. It’s sickening.

Jaboody Dubs does a nice comedic dub over that is worth a watch.

Fuck this guy.

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