Rookie Year

the rookie.jpg
The Rookie, 1990

This blog is still a baby, so it’s difficult to gain any attention or to be found in a ocean of many, many other blogs, much cooler than this one. People are more interested in pop culture, social media selfies, and most have a short attention span. I’m still in that first year with a handful of posts, but I’m not sweating it—not really. This blog is for me as much as it is for anyone else.

It’s nice to look at my stats (that I try to ignore) and see what parts of the world people are, hopefully, enjoying my blog from. I try to plan an editorial calendar of sorts with ideas for future material to make my blog life as painless as possible. It helps to space out topics and story ideas flowing through my head, that usually come when I’m trying to focus on something else.

An editorial calendar, even an half assed one (like mine), is a great way to organize those bothersome spontaneous jolts of inspiration. So when I get the itch to write and I sit down to satisfy my craving, I have a list of things that interest me to pick from.

I set aside a rough posting schedule to help me focus on daily writing goals and I have it worked out to allow room for spontaneous ranting or stoned gibberish. But, then I started to think about how much material I would have to create, following my schedule, by the time I hit the year mark—if I make it to the year mark.

Oh hamburgers  *Butter’s voice*

This ain’t my first rodeo though, but none of my other blogs still exist, aside from the two I manage now. At the time of writing this, there have already been approximately 1,800,000 blog posts, and my day is just starting. That’s hard to compete with and to shine through.

Shining comes with hard work, and I realize that. I can see the long road ahead of me, and I’m willing to walk the journey one step at a time. I try not to get overwhelmed by thinking about what to write next week or month.

My initial drive of Spider Barks is starting to taper off and most of my time writing has been editing and fine tuning a parody/satire first draft. It’s been a fun and grueling process, even though it is only roughly 9,000 words at this point. I’ve written this story a few times already. It was originally written to be a comic book, so it was in script format. Then I rewrote it into a manuscript for a short story, and then I decided to change the point of view, so I rewrote it again . . .

I look forward to sharing a snippet here at some point, when the time is right. I’m planning on releasing it as a free ebook, hopefully in the near future. So that has been taking up most of my time, aside from the Tasmanian two year old and the methane producing cat, ripping our beloved furniture to shreds.

I’m optimistic about Spider Barks, it’s fun and it’s practice. And when one want to get better at something, one must practice, regularly.

So, here’s to next year! *lights joint*

Hopefully *coughs a lot*

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