Humans With No Humanity


I originally decided I would stay away from a topic like this (at least for awhile), not to hide, but not to advertise, as it can be quite offensive to the religious. But in light of the terrorist attacks lately, I figure what the hell (no holy*).

“Religion is the worst enemy of mankind. No single war in the history of humanity has killed as many people as religion has. Not to mention it set science back 1,000 years.”

Bill Murray was said to have said this, but that’s untrue. I didn’t feel the need to research who actually said it, because it is true regardless who made the statement. Religion fuels terrorism, even domestic terrorism and nationalistic racism. I don’t mean to lump all religions or the religious into the same group, I do know good people who believe God, but religion supports violence against the enemy.

I was once a Christian and a believer for the majority of my life. I was a conservative republican, against gay marriage and I was pro-life. I am now pretty much the opposite of all that, but I’m not necessarily a liberal democrat either—I am anti-Trump. Fuck that guy and everything that he stands for.

I am an atheist, but I am capable of maintaining relationships with believers, as long as they keep the trying to save me junk to themselves. We can be friends without talking about religion. It is possible.

As a religious young man, I was a firm believer in that religion should be a personal choice and practice. I don’t think there is anything wrong with congregating with fellow believers, but I think it should stay behind closed doors and to private events—not to say my thoughts should be law. I also feel churches should pay taxes, particularly the mega super churches with multimillionaire pastors.

I’m not against the religious protesting either, but I do believe those dudes with the signs that read God Hates Fags and so on, deserved to get their teeth kicked in (nazi white supremacists too).

Love is love and hate is hate.

Even as a Christian, I came to support the separation of church and state and religious freedom, whether I agreed with one’s beliefs or not. My personal journey lead me to the life of a heathen for various reasons, but ultimately it came down to not being able to justify or explain the unexplainable when the conversation inevitably happened. I could no longer hold onto blind faith and an obsolete way of thinking.

So since I don’t believe in an afterlife, to me, life is that more precious and the life of our planet.

I won’t go into why my beliefs, or lack there of, is right and religion is wrong. I would never try to convert someone out of their faith, nor should anyone. What I do encourage, is critical thinking and not dismissing facts with faith.

I cannot definitively say there is no god, I don’t know, but Occam’s Razor tells me that it is extremely unlikely that god exists. And out of all the gods and goddesses that have been worshipped at one time or another, the God of Abrahamic religions in a literal sense is redonkulous. I don’t need religion to live a good life and I’m not afraid of death (not that I want to die), its coming regardless.

But, my beliefs (or lack there of) are subject to change, as evidence presents itself to support new facts. If tomorrow, physical evidence were to be discovered proving the existence of any god, my way of thinking would change. Wouldn’t it have to? It wouldn’t necessarily mean I would bow down and submit, because I would have a bajillion questions. Point is, my views would change.

If one subscribes to particular religious beliefs that doesn’t violate moral laws, then who cares. Religion is such a complex poisonous idea that encourages conformity without question. Not down with that noise, hells nah.

That’s where I butted heads with Christianity. I remember as a child, learning of the existence of Satanism as a religion, I was fascinated with it. I wanted to learn more, not because I wanted to join up, but because I was interested in learning about the religion itself. But as a Christian, that was a sin. I was never okay with the idea of someone telling me what to do and how to do it. I struggled with that as a Christian.

I never thought I should only be friends with Christians, it was just an awesome bonus. Almost all my friends growing up didn’t go to church and I didn’t care. And neither should you, if they add value to your life. And that value doesn’t have to be religion.

One’s religion should never dictate the way others live their lives. If God is real, we will all have to answer for our own choices. Leave that to us to deal with and worry about your own speech at the pearly white gates.

“There’s a lot to believe it, just believe what you need to.” -Moncelas Boston

But remember, belief in something does not make it true nor does it change facts.

*I stole this saying from

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