Wake’n’Bake Wednesday 05


On this fine morning, I got me a cup of coffee along side this Purple Punch rolled up in a blueberry flavored blunt wrap. These purps is the bees knees! Lets get nerdy for a minute. After watching the Killing Joke animated film, I started thinking about . . .

The Death of Joker

Batman: Hush, 2003

Is it time?

The Joker is arguably one of the greatest fictional villains of all time. Mark Hamill’s voice will go down in history as the voice of the Joker, and both Jack Nicolson and Heath Ledger did amazing jobs as their versions of the Clown Prince of Crime. I personally think Jared Leto did a pretty good job as the Joker as well. I DID NOT like his tattoos one bit and at no time did they start to grow on me. His grill was bearable, but I liked his take on the maniac. I hope to see him again as Mr. J, but Warner Bros. can keep the tats.

I was stoked to hear about the Killing Joke being animated, with the real voices of Batman and Joker. I knew of the graphic novel, but I had never read the Killing Joke. However, I was vaguely familiar with the story.

I came to the flick way late on HBO, and like a little kid, I was super excited to watch it. I lit up a fat ass doobie and dialed in.


I would later learn that Batman and Batgirl getting their swerve on atop a building in the middle of the night wasn’t apart of the original story. The idea of there being a relationship between the two didn’t bother me. Their would be sexual tension in a relationship like that, were it real, it’s human. I think it was just a poorly executed story and cheesy.

Then, Batman visiting the Joker in Arkham for a heart to heart chat was redonkulous. I rolled my eyes at that part and I’m rolling them again thinking about it now.

The rest of the movie wasn’t too bad until the end, when Batman should have killed the Joker. If ever there was a time, that was it. But DC is too scared to kill off that guy. It ain’t like they’d just bring him back to life some how.

But walk with me for a minute, it’s not like the Joker would be a lost property. They could tell all kind of stories that happened before his death. And I like the Batman Beyond idea of the Jokerz gang. DC could do something dope with that for sure–if they got the right team to handle it (Jim Lee and someone). There could be countless stories there. New jerk offs coming around picking up the reins trying to be some version of the next Joker. It could be  a lot fun.

When you really break it down, the Joker doesn’t have a real strong story. He’s just a murderous psychopath and I think he’s best left as that. His origin story, in my humble opinion, is weak. I don’t think it would hurt the story one bit if they would finally just let Bats put that madman down. It goes without saying, that it would have to be the most epic Batman vs. Joker story ever. And Joker’s death would haunt Bruce forever. That’d be all new golden material.

Got a little chubbed just thinking about something like that.

Nerd out.

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