A Manifesto for the Misled

I see a world where cannabis can bring people together in harmony and happiness, strengthen the sick and weak, and give back life to those desperately trying to hold on to what they have left. I lived in a very dark place for many years, and cannabis helped bring me out of that painful situation. I suffer from a mental illness, and cannabis helps me to function as a normal human being. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, social anxiety disorder, and bipolar disorder manifested early in my life, but no one knew, including myself, which lead to many challenges in my childhood—including a suicide attempt at the age of 11. I see a world with good people struggling with many of the same issues, with no help, left to wallow in eternal strife.

I see a world where cannabis can free prisoners of depression and help make these individuals whole again, as it has done that for me. In my 20s, my life had sunk lower than ever before. I was an alcoholic and a drug user, trying to escape reality and to quiet the inner voice of self hatred. It had gotten so bad, I had planned my suicide for my twenty-fifth birthday. I was going to lace a blunt with rat poison and leave the dark cloud that followed me behind. It was my mood disorder, with the assistance of cannabis, that saved my life. I went through a period of mania (and because of some good weed) that kept me out of the shadow long enough to make it passed the scheduled event—and I’m still here—thanks to cannabis. I didn’t know it at the time, but my regular cannabis use was helping me and strengthening me. I was able to confront myself and my problems. I was able to acknowledge I was in fact, mentally ill—which was not an easy task. Cannabis helped save my life, and it can help save so many others with mental illnesses and disease. Everyday is a struggle for me and many others like me, and cannabis helps weaken the internal conflict.

I see a world where cannabis can be legally grown, consumed, and shared without the fear of repercussion from unnecessary racially motivated prohibition laws. Where the misled can come to embrace the power of this medicine whether or not they choose to use the plant’s flowers. I see a world where an individual can make personal choices concerning cannabis use based on their views, beliefs, needs, and not biased laws that benefit those who make, enforce, and profit from the laws. I was raised in a conservative household with a military police officer father. I was raised to believe drugs (including cannabis) were evil and poisonous. It was my destructive path that awakened me and brought me to the truth about this psychoactive plant, and to see past all the propaganda and lies.

I see a world changing faster than anyone can control and an outdated way of thinking holding on for dear life, which causes more harm than the good it is said to hold. I see a world where misinformation no longer possesses power to blindly motivate the opposition who are uneducated about, or blatantly dismissing the facts of the plant that they stand against. I see a world where ignorance no longer triumphs over facts and reason, over critical thinking and empowers the misinformed. A world where the truth about cannabis will no longer be suppressed, and education of this wondrous flower is not tainted by bigoted dogmatic views from another time.

I am not a drug addict.

I am not a stoner.

I am not lazy and stupid.

I am not a criminal.

I am a medical cannabis patient.

The time has come to remove these ridiculous laws that promote incarceration of its nonviolent users in for-profit correctional facilities. The time has come to shed this old worldview and to embrace the future. Cannabis is the future. They can’t stop us. They won’t stop us.



Marijuana Education and Reform Chronicle

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