Decisions of a Disorder

I’ve been laying low lately on this blog. I started another blog (you can find by clicking on the MERC tab), and ended my Uber Legends blog (as I do not wish to drive for them anymore).

I’ve seen that a few of you have already popped in and hit that subscribe button, thank you so much for your interest and support. Feel free to follow along and join the conversation, no matter which position you take in the subject. Education is important with any topic and can require different perspectives.

I’ve been undergoing some personal issues with depression and whatnot, as described in previous posts, so I haven’t really made much time for writing lately. But, I’m not out for the count. I look forward to posting a bit more regularly on Spider Barks and MERC, and hope to get back into my fiction writing and ranting and bitching or whatever I’m in the mood to dump on y’all.

Like many of you, writing and blogging brings me joy and I don’t intend to stop, even if the breaks between posts linger a bit.

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