First Time Patient


I punched in the address on my crappy prepaid droid and watched as the predestined blue path presented itself. I reached over to my trusty friend, my iPhone, and dialed the patients number. A woman answered, and I gave my canned response.

"Hello, may I please speak with *****. Hi, this is Devin with ****, how are you doing today? I'm approximately 15 minutes away, would it be okay if I come to your door, or would you prefer coming out to my vehicle?"

Seventy-five percent of the time, patients prefer meeting me at my vehicle.

This particular day, this first time patient, wanted me to come to the door. Some drivers hate getting out of their cars, and on hot days in the desert, I don't blame them. I'd rather sit in my nicely air conditioned car, but delivering to the door (if desired) is part of the service, and I don't mind at all.

About 40 percent of the patients that prefer a door delivery, invite me in, to do business behind closed doors. These patients are always very nice and we engage in brief conversation, usually me complimenting product or asking about how they like the product they've ordered.

I pulled up to a nice home inside a nice neighborhood, prepped the first time patient paperwork, and slid out of my cool hatchback and trekked up the hot driveway and sidewalk to the front door. I pushed the doorbell, signaling the owner of my presence.

A woman answered the door and invited me into her beautiful home. I often ask the patient if they have ever used a dispensary before, in regard to the first time patient paperwork. Today, it is common that a patient has already filled out something similar for another collective, which makes its explanation simple. This patient seemed nervous and scared when I asked her about her previous dispensary experience.

This was her first time–ever.

She had smoked pot back in high school, but not since then. She had started to show signs of uncomfortableness and I instantly felt bad, as I felt as I brought on some sort of negative feeling to the situation. I instantly began comforting her with my words, that it was okay, and that she shouldn't be afraid. I assured her that this could help, but could take some adjusting to find what strains and consumption methods that would work best for her.

It turned out that she was previously in the military and suffered from PTSD among other things. She was a very nice, but seemed so vulnerable in that moment and her hands had began to tremble and she looked like she wanted to cry. Being bipolar, I have trouble with my own emotions, so her vulnerability and watery eyes made my eyes tear up a bit.

I stayed with her longer than I did with any other patient, I went through the paperwork with her, went through her order with her, explaining how the vape pen and oil cartridges work, when particular strains are best to experiment with and so on. I told her to start slow, and adjust as needed.

We chatted a bit and I shared with her how it helps me in particular and we traded stories of nightmares brought on by narcotics.

I was once hooked on Norco I took for chronic knee pain. I had terrible dreams of horror film quality–some that disturbed me very much. I was able to relate to her that way, as I could never fully understand her PTSD.

She appeared to be a very successful person that had been through some serious shit. I can only assume that she probably is a combat veteran, as I didn't ask about her condition or past. She was still shaken a bit as we parted ways, but she appeared to feel a bit better about the whole "medical marijuana" thing when I left.

When I sat back in my car, I realized she had given me 20 dollars extra. I called her back because I thought it was an accident, but she said it was for me. I apologized and thanked her.

I still think about her from time to time and hope that cannabis is assisting her with her PTSD and insomnia. I hope I helped her as much as I think I did and I hope to cross paths with her again to see how she is doing. I have been in a similar state (sort of), for entirely different reasons. Cannabis helps me to relax, feel balanced and helps me sleep.

I hope it is doing that for her.

I encouraged her to call us back if she had more questions and/or wanted to explore other options–as there are many.

If I'm lucky enough to get another big ass tip from her, I'm going to use it (as the first) to help fund a project that I'm creating. You can learn more here. will be up and running soon and is on Facebook.

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