Devin 6
Photo by jMac

I am an open atheist, cannabis user, a medical marijuana patient advocate, blogger and a pizza fiend.

I fell in love with writing by accident, and have been learning one piece at a time since.

In school, I hated writing and even worse, reading. In the fourth grade, I got hooked on comic books and all I wanted to be from then on was a comic book artist. I started making up my own characters. Eventually, I decided to take on the challenge myself. I tried several times only successfully completing one graphic novel script. By the time I was done with it, I was burnt out.

About a year ago or so, I decided to take another stab at producing a comic. I rewrote a friends story into a 60 plus page script, and it turned out great! While sketching out rough page layouts, I found myself yearning for the writing process. I had enjoyed the adventure of crafting a piece of fiction and couldn’t summon the will to draw the comic. So I bailed. Now, I write. Something I once hated and feared, I now enjoy and can’t get enough of. My work is my reward and I love the satisfaction it brings. This blog is just another way I am looking to explore the craft I wish to excel at.