Playing Catchup

My days off go so fast. I forgot what that had felt like. My days are split, which is kind of nice, but I hardly see my family at all. I pretty much see them two days a week, and maybe a little after work each night. That part sucks.

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Missing In Action

Three 12 plus hour days on the job and I’m pooped. The days are long, but I love what I’m doing. When I arrive in the morning, and the shop manager lets me in, I’m blasted in the face by a wonderful aroma of cannabis. Many people despise the scent of the flowers, but I […]

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Decisions of a Disorder

I’ve been laying low lately on this blog. I started another blog (you can find by clicking on the MERC tab), and ended my Uber Legends blog (as I do not wish to drive for them anymore). I’ve seen that a few of you have already popped in and hit that subscribe button, thank you […]

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